Introduction to TIBCO BW SharePoint Plugin

For communicating with Microsoft SharePoint Tibco provide a plugin named Share Point Plugin for Tibco BW. You can use the plug-in to add, delete, update, and query data in the Microsoft SharePoint server and listen to events that are triggered in the Microsoft SharePoint server.


After installation of Share Point Plugin a new SharePoint pallet created in BW which contains activities

  • SharePoint Notification Listener
  • Share Point Add ListItem
  • SharePoint Delete ListItem
  • SharePoint Select ListItem
  • SharePoint update ListItem
  • SharePoint Query



Before using any of above activity you need to create share point connection and configure accordingly as shown below


Once you configure SharePoint connection you need metadata information. Following are the steps to get metadata.

  • Go to TOOLS->SharePoint tools
  • Click on get metadata
  • New window appears
  • Browse and provide SharePoint connection
  • Click on Get Web button
  • Click Get Metadata button

After getting metadata information a new folder appears in your designer as shown below



TIBCO Share point activities communicate with SharePoint via CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) syntax. A simple structure of CAML Query are as follows





<FieldRef Name=”FieldName” />

<Value Type=”DataType”>Value</Value>




<FieldRef Name=”FieldName” />

<FieldRef Name=”FieldName” />




you can find more details of CAML here