How to initiate a Impaired application in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition

Applications in BusinessWorks 6.X are deemed impaired and unable to start if they utilize resources that are not properly initialized from the beginning.

Typically, this occurs when a Shared Resource used by an application fails to start properly. This could be due to a JMS connection resource unable to link to the intended EMS server due to its unavailability, or an HTTP Connector resource unable to initialize because its designated port is already in use by another app. This behavior ensures an application begins only when all components are functioning correctly, though there are instances where starting the application with some components unavailable is beneficial for debugging or running it in a production setting with certain parts inactive.

Since the release of BusinessWorks 6.9.1, a new feature with a property allows applications to be launched even if they are not fully functional.


To enable applications to start even if they are impaired you then have to do the following:

. Go to the target appnode directory:

. Edit the config.ini file to add the property and set it to true:


restart the appnode

Helpful information to be aware of:

I tried it out using a JMS Receive Message Process Starter and it is functioning correctly.

If the EMS server is offline when the application is running, the relevant Components (or Process Starters) become inactive, which can be observed in the TEA or through the bwagent REST API.

After the EMS server is rebooted, you can reactivate the JMS elements in the TEA or through the bwagent REST API.

And check the Component is now enabled