Consuming Tibco SOAP service in .Net

web service can be consumed in number of tools most commonly tools used is SOAP UI. Today I am going to explain how to consume tibco SOAP service in .Net.

There are 2 methods for consuming tibco web service in .Net

  1. using Proxy Classes
  2. using Add service Reference

In this article i am going to explain the second one  step by step i-e Add service reference

By default content type of Tibco exposed service is “text\html”  when you add reference in .Net it expect content type “text\xml”. In order to change the content type to “text\xml” i am creating new process in tibco with HTTP pallet.

Consuming SOAP Service

configuration HTTP receiver with http connection.

Now add Http requester activity with following configuration

Please Note: provide http host and port which you want to retrieve wsdl

consuming service .net

RequestURI= your servce URI  get from wsdl as shown in below figure

consuming service .net

the last step is send http response with following configuration

consuming service .net

This will finish our process for converting content type text\html to text\xml

Now deploy this process and wsdl Process using admin.

For wsdl service change the configuration of PAR

consuming service .net

once you configure all these things now open the visual studio and add the service reference by calling new http receiver process url not the wsdl URLconsuming service .net